The Power
Beneath Us

Who We Are

There is a renewable energy source that is available all day, every day, whatever the weather. It comes from the earth beneath us. Geothermal energy is the largest source of clean energy on earth.


Born on the island of Ireland, we are a renewable energy company on a mission to harness critical, clean geothermal energy, everywhere.

We do this by developing cutting-edge technology, working in balance with nature to provide locally sourced, clean, 24-7 heat for industrial and commercial customers.

We are a team of experts who work relentlessly to secure a sustainable future.

We are united by our shared values of Pioneering Spirit, Considerate Soul and Ethical Impact.

Geothermal energy – constant, clean and limitless – the power beneath us.

What We Do

CAUSEWAYGT’s technological approach to renewable energy and decarbonising heat is distinctive and disruptive. Decarbonising heat is a major issue. Industrial and commercial processes that use temperatures less than 200˚C emit more than 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases. CAUSEWAYGT‘s technology approach emits 10 times less.

Sustainable Impact

At CAUSEWAYGT we are committed to playing our part in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our technology can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be deployed locally, increasing energy accessibility and affordability. We are an international technology-driven geothermal operating company that supports research and development in geothermal energy and decarbonisation of heat.

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